Children's Hospital Colorado

Computerized Mannequins Help With Pediatric Emergency Training

CBS4 | December 09, 2016

The EMS team at Children's Hospital Colorado learn from computerized mannequins.

Because only one in every 10 medical calls are for children, Children’s Hospital Colorado hosted a training with Littleton Fire Rescue (LFR) to provide valuable, hands-on training using computerized pediatric mannequins.

First responders practice on mannequin patientThe EMS team at Children's Hospital Colorado practices treatment on a computerized mannequin patient.


Inside the pediatric mobile simulation lab, LFR staff learned how to best help a sick child, which was a mannequin.

Jason Kotas, Emergency Medical Services Program Manager at Children’s Colorado, controlled what was happening to the "patient" as an exercise to test the paramedics’ response.

“We want to force them to play with certain tools, different drugs, so we made the patient spiral down and are slowing his heart rate down,” said Kodas.

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