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Yoga Helping Children with More than Flexibility

KOAA News5 Colorado Springs | February 09, 2016
Michelle Fury (far right) leads patients through yoga exercises
Michelle Fury (far right) leads patients through yoga exercises

Yoga has been shown to help decrease stress, nerves and anxiety in children, and increase positive coping, self-induced feelings of relaxation and powers of concentration and attention. When used as a form of therapy to help treat kids, the combination of breath and movement through various yoga postures improves balance and strengthens the entire body.

"What we see with kiddos with sensory integration is they process more slowly. If you give them a structured way to follow instructions, it gives them a sense of mastery," said Michelle Fury, yoga therapist at Children's Hospital Colorado.

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Michelle Fury is also featured in the U.S. News & World Report article "Making Yoga Kid-Friendly."