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Children’s Colorado Partners with Local Youth Soccer Clubs

Children's Hospital Colorado | October 30, 2018
Brightly colored soccer balls in a field.

The Sports Medicine Center at Children's Colorado is partnering with four local youth soccer clubs – REAL Colorado EDGE Soccer Club, Littleton Soccer/Colorado United ClubBroomfield Soccer Club and St. Vrain FC – to promote health and wellness among the young athletes.

The partnership is part of our commitment to working with a variety of Colorado youth sports leagues and teams to provide care and to help educate athletes, parents and coaches on specific needs of growing athletes. As part of the program, we will provide educational content for members in their newsletters, via social media properties and during parent educational nights. This content will inform parents on the latest training trends and health treatments. Certified athletic trainers will also be available to the clubs for home games throughout the season.

Thriving on community-based support

“Because our team is specially trained in pediatrics, we understand how an injury may impact growth, or how growth might impact rehabilitation,” said Christy Dobson, director of Corporate and Community Relations at Children’s Colorado. “We offer supportive care in areas like sports nutrition and sports psychology. In partnership with other top specialists at Children’s Colorado, we are always developing new programs for sports-related conditions. We thrive off our active community-based support by staffing certified athletic trainers and partnering with youth sports organizations.”

About our partnerships

 “We pride ourselves on providing a healthy, safe and enjoyable soccer environment for all our athletes,” said Littleton Soccer Executive Director Pete Barrett. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Children’s Colorado and our athletes will greatly benefit from this additional support.”

“Partnering with organizations like Littleton Soccer aligns with our mission of bringing medical expertise directly to athletes,” said Bridget Younger, Manager, Sports Medicine Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado. “We keep them safe so they can enjoy the sport they love. Our athletic trainers are an invaluable resource to youth sports organizations, providing immediate care to injured athletes. They also develop best practice policies and emergency action plans to improve the overall safety of competition."

Children’s Colorado will be Broomfield Soccer’s Preferred Healthcare Provider and the Sports Medicine Center will extend its reach to more than 3,000 kids, providing them with invaluable support from a fully integrated care team. These young athletes will now have direct access to Children’s Colorado’s doctors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, dietitians and specialists within our Sports Medicine Partnership program.



Children’s Colorado will provide an athletic trainer at Stenger Soccer Complex home games during the league season, at hosted tournaments and at the REAL EDGE Soccer Club office one day per week for visits. 

More accessible care

“This partnership will greatly benefit our athletes by providing immediate evaluation of any injuries,” said REAL Edge staff in a recent club newsletter. “The athletic trainer will be a part of the club and will be able to develop relationships with coaches, players and parents that are important for the well-being of the athlete and make care more accessible.”

Bringing medical expertise to athletes

"It's incredible to have such a prestigious organization partner with St. Vrain FC. This partnership will not only help our organization as a whole, but will also help each individual player to take care of their bodies by preventing and treating injuries,” said Christopher Morse, St. Vrain FC Office Manager and Coach. “We always strive to provide our players with the best resources and give them the best soccer experience in Colorado, so it's exciting to be able to offer one more thing to our athletes. We look forward to all the opportunities this partnership with Children's Colorado opens for the players at St. Vrain FC."