Children's Hospital Colorado

Patient-Family Experience at Children's Hospital Colorado

We value your experience here

It's important to us that every patient and family has an excellent experience at Children's Colorado. That’s why service is a core pillar of our organization. We define patient-family experience with three powerful words: welcoming, collaborative and personalized. As an organization, we strive to live by these words and aspirational statements:  

  • Welcoming: We create an environment filled with warmth and hope by going above and beyond. 
  • Personalized: We recognize and honor the uniqueness of each patient and family through genuine and empathetic care.
  • Collaborative: We build trusting relationship through transparent and consistent communication.

How we measure patient-family experience

Asking for feedback helps us ensure that we are providing a great experience and allows us to make improvements when needed. We use a third-party vendor to send surveys through text, email and phone about a child and family's experience. This measure is based on how each patient or family answers the question: "Using any number from 0 to 10, how likely would you be to recommend this facility to your family and friends?"

Recent patient-family experience results

For 2023, families rated their experience a 9 or 10 (on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest) 86.2% of the time across all our locations. Below are patient experience scores for our individual locations.

Patient-family experience rating for our central metro locations

85.6% Of families rated our central metro locations a 9 or 10

Patient-family experience rating for our northern metro locations

86.1% Of families rated our northern metro locations a 9 or 10

Patient-family experience rating for our southern metro locations

88% Of families rated our southern metro locations a 9 or 10

Patient-family experience rating for our Southern Colorado locations

86.2% Of families rated our Southern Colorado locations (Colorado Springs and Pueblo) a 9 or 10


We also report patient experience scores for our Breathing Institute and the Orthopedics Institute.

How are we working to improve the patient-family experience at our locations?

We read all of the feedback we get from patients and families and then share it at all levels of our hospital.

By gaining feedback about what we're doing well and what we could do better, we're able to continually improve the level of care and the overall experience that we provide for our patients and their families.

To that end, we have several patient and family experience teams that work with our staff to help us deliver outstanding care and service to each patient every day. We also host several Family Advisory Councils to gain feedback on ways we can improve directly from our patients and families.

We're always working to resolve complaints and grievances

Sometimes patients and families bring issues to our attention such as communication, quality of care, courtesy and respect, financial concerns or accessibility to care.

By monitoring these complaints and grievances on a consistent basis, we're able to make ongoing improvements.

If you ever feel that something is not excellent about your care, please let us know so we can work with you to resolve any problems.

Your feedback matters

Our entire organization and various teams use your input to identify areas where we can improve the service we provide. We continually track patient experience and share this information on this website.

And if you receive a patient experience survey, please take the time to share your honest feedback. It helps us learn more about how we can exceed your expectations.

Email us to connect with the Patient Family Experience team