Children's Hospital Colorado

Pediatric Specialists Surround Your Child with the Care They Need

A century ago, most doctors offered everything from psychology to surgery, but times have changed. While doctors like your family pediatrician still have broad expertise, they usually refer patients to specialists for complex and severe conditions. Chances are, that's why you're here.

Highly trained experts

After medical school, specialists spend several years on additional training in their disciplines — for example, cardiologists dedicate themselves to caring for hearts.

Providers who have an additional focus on pediatrics, like the pediatric specialists at Children's Hospital Colorado, train even longer. They spend their entire careers honing their expertise in a specific area of the body in children.

But many conditions affect more than one part of the body. That’s why caring for kids takes the skills and knowledge of a whole team — like the one at Children’s Colorado.

Sharing expertise

We collaborate to advance healthcare, conducting research that helps us bring the latest diagnostic and treatment options to our patients. Our team shares findings with other providers in the community, and we train tomorrow’s pediatric specialists through a residency program with the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Collaborative care

The specialists at Children’s Colorado collaborate to diagnose and treat children with complex conditions. We might consult multiple experts from the same field or doctors from several specialties.

For instance, if your child has asthma, you need pulmonologists (lung doctors) and immunologists (who treat the immune system). You'll also need a respiratory therapist, an asthma counselor and maybe even a dietitian.

Bringing these specialists together prevents the need for multiple appointments on different days, so it’s cost- and time-efficient. It’s also safer and more effective, because everyone on your child’s care team is on the same page.

A supportive network

We apply a collaborative approach (also known as multidisciplinary care) to hundreds of conditions, both in the hospital and throughout the community. Children’s Colorado offers the state’s largest and broadest network of pediatric specialists, so we can provide precise diagnosis and treatment.

Our expert teams engage everyone involved in your child’s healthcare — like families, educators, counselors, school nurses, referring pediatricians and community health workers. We use technology such as electronic medical records to keep your child’s primary care provider in the loop.

Engaging our families

Most importantly, our partnership across teams puts families at the center of everything we do. Our specialists are experts in their areas of the body, but the best expert on your child is always you.

The best way to treat kids is to treat them like kids.