Children's Hospital Colorado

Meet Teen Neurology Patient, Whitney Henry

Whitney Henry never thought she would need Children's Hospital Colorado, especially since she was a teenager, not a kid. But when a cheerleading accident left her having multiple epileptic seizures a day, it was Children's who finally solved her problem. Read what Children's Hospital Colorado means to her, in her words...

In May of 2006 I became a varsity high school cheerleader as a senior in high school. During practice that June, a fellow cheerleader fell onto my head during a stunt. Four months later I began having 40 to 50 partial-complex seizures a day that were uncontrollable. During a year and a half, I had gone on 13 different medications that caused awful side effects and saw more than six different neurologists.

Finally, a true blessing came to me and my family - a call from Children's Hospital Colorado saying that there had been an opening in Dr. Pramote Laoprasert's schedule and he could see me the following week.

Within 6 months of seeing Dr. Laoprasert I was receiving neurological testing that had never been offered to me before and was on my way towards having the necessary surgery with Children's surgeon, Dr. Michael Handler, to permanently resolve my epilepsy.

After much deliberation by a team of neurologists and an epileptologist, due to the rarity of my epilepsy, on the morning Nov. 12, 2008 I had a temporal lobe resection and have not had a seizure since. Friday, Nov. 12, 2010 marked two years seizure-free for me. The amazing doctors at Children's Hospital Colorado changed my life forever.

Before my surgery I could not be left alone due to the side effects of my seizures, nor could I drive a car. As a young high school student, that was very hard for me and my family. I am now a senior psychology major at the University of Northern Colorado and will graduate in May, 2011. I plan on being a child counselor at Children's Hospital Colorado as soon as I finish my Master's degree.

Thank you for all that you do,
Whitney Henry