Children's Hospital Colorado

Together We Can Do What No One Can Do Alone

At Children's Hospital Colorado, we have more than 3,000 pediatric specialists who have one goal: healing your child. Understanding why and how we work together will help you understand what makes Children's Colorado the best choice for your child's care.

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Why it takes a team

Most of the children we treat are here because their illnesses or injuries require a pediatric specialist. Our care may have been recommended by their own doctors, or their parents may have chosen Children's simply because they want the best care. Our doctors - all pediatric specialists - have spent years studying specific areas of pediatric medicine, for example, orthopedics or cardiology.

Specialists working together

Sometimes one specialist is fine. But often - and especially with more serious or complicated illnesses or injuries - a child benefits from multiple experts, each trained in a different specialty but working together as a team. And occasionally a child needs a team of specialists from the same area of medicine, working together to diagnose, treat or cure a rare or complicated medical issue.

At Children's, these types of teams are the norm. Parents are also an essential part of our care team. After all, parents know their child better than anyone else and that expertise is extremely valuable.

Working together on the big things

Say a child has cystic fibrosis. He or she would need a pediatric pulmonologist. But the best care might also require the expertise of an entire pediatric team-a gastroenterologist, a dietitian, a respiratory therapist, maybe even a social worker. At Children's, we work together to provide complete, customized care for each child.

Working together on the little things

Even if your child's needs are simpler, you'll probably be comforted to know that his or her specialist is backed by the largest and broadest team of pediatric experts in Colorado. At Children's Hospital Colorado, every doctor here has access to all the other doctors who work here, a network of information that leads to the most effective, quick and accurate diagnosis and the best care for your child.

Achieving seamless collaboration

Coordinating care between doctors and within a care team is vital. It takes cooperation and teamwork, a commitment to listening to all members of the care team and relying on each other as experts in their respective areas. This partnership helps make sure nothing is missed while we work to diagnose, treat or cure your child.

Technology at work

Easy access to electronic medical records also play a key role in optimizing treatment. Whether your child is seen at any of our multiple locations throughout Colorado, his or her complete medical history - including x-rays, test results and doctors' notes - can be reviewed by any doctor your child sees.

Of course, we also share your child's record with his or her primary care doctor. If their doctor participates in our electronic medical records system, he or she will have access to your child's complete file. We will communicate with them and provide important data such as test results or diagnoses. In short, your child's primary care physician will play an integral role on our care team.

Two researchers wearing scrubs and masks use microscopes in a lab.

Collaboration fosters continual improvement

As part of one of the world's largest research centers, our physician-scientists are armed with the latest solutions for issues our patients face today while working on solutions of tomorrow. We work together to integrate new findings, treatments and cures, often using the latest, greatest, most up-to-date treatments at Children's up to eight years before other hospitals follow suit. When necessary, we include our researchers in the care team; they bring an unmatched knowledge of new frontiers and discoveries in medicine.

Getting better all the time

Research isn't just for the big things. We are constantly researching and revising everything we do-from the way we wash our hands to how we assess and treat a child suffering from an asthma attack. Studying what works and determining what works best helps us provide better care.

Leading the community

In the ongoing spirit of cooperation, we also share our findings-large and small-with other care providers in the community. For example, if we discover that a specific method of treating children with asthma in the emergency room helps control their symptoms more quickly or effectively, we'll share that knowledge with the community to help kids get the very best care.

The importance of education

Children's Hospital Colorado is also a teaching hospital. In partnership with The University of Colorado School of Medicine-among the top medical schools in the nation-we're helping to prepare tomorrow's pediatric medical leaders. We also provide extensive continuing education and certification classes to area professionals. We want to make sure that access to up-to-date techniques and treatments for kids is available to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals throughout the region.

United in providing the best care

Because we are not for profit, everyone at Children's Hospital Colorado is 100% dedicated to caring for your child. And whether that means researching new treatments and cures, lobbying state legislators on behalf of pediatric care or teaching the next generation of doctors, we're focused on working together and doing whatever it takes to keep children healthy and happy.