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Colorado Voter Guide

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, child health advocacy is a key part of our mission. And a lot is at stake for child health in the 2022 election this November, and we believe that the policymaking process is more responsive to kids’ needs when citizens are informed and active participants in our democracy.

This educational voter guide focuses on the ballot issues and election information that we believe will have the biggest impact on child health for years to come.

Make your voice heard

As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, Children’s Colorado does not support or oppose political parties, political candidates or candidates for public office. We do endorse certain ballot measures in cases where child health will be affected. Children’s Colorado seeks to serve as an informational resource for our patients and families, team members and community members. 

Remember: How you vote is up to you. The most important thing is that you vote by Tuesday, November 8.

How to help kids in Colorado’s 2022 election

Do you know where the candidates stand on the most important kids’ health issues? Do they know your opinions and ideas? When candidates call you, knock on your door or hold town hall meetings, will you be ready to ask them the questions that count? We’ve provided a few suggested questions to ask the candidates who want your vote.

What's on Colorado's 2022 ballot?

Colorado voter resources

For more information on ballot measures and other election issues in 2022, check out the following resources.

Be a champion for kids' health

We make it easy to write emails, make phone calls, share social media posts and speak up for kids’ health — so that lawmakers know that their constituents value child health.

Become a Child Health Champ

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Note: Neither this information nor any related voter education activity at Children’s Hospital Colorado is intended to reflect an endorsement for, or opposition to, any candidate or political party.