Children's Hospital Colorado

La Cache Consignment FAQs

La Cache consignment policy and process

When you bring in your items to La Cache for consignment, the volunteer who receives your items will explain the policies and process to you. Please follow these guidelines to save you time and to ensure that your items have the best chance of being accepted for consignment and sold.

If you've not visited La Cache, drop by to view our merchandise and familiarize yourself with our pricing policies. Seeing what's on our shelves may give you new ideas for about what you'd like to consign.

How do I consign jewelry?

You do not need an appointment to consign jewelry at La Cache. Please bring jewelry in at any time during business hours (Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and leave it for our pricers.

We do not inventory the jewelry when you bring it in, so you should keep a list of what you are leaving with us. Our jewelry pricer will send you a separate inventory and contract the following week with assigned prices for you to consider.

How do I consign furniture or chandeliers?

If you want to consign furniture or chandeliers, we require that you take photographs of the items you want to consign and email them to Please put "La Cache" in the subject field of the email.

The furniture pricer will contact you to let you know what pieces will be accepted. It is then your responsibility to deliver the furniture to La Cache and to pick it up if it does not sell. The rest of the consignment process is the same as for other items.

How do I set up an appointment for consignment?

  • Please call La Cache at 303-871-9605 to set up an appointment. Our appointment times are 10:30 a.m., noon and 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Our appointments are generally filled almost two months out, so please call as soon as you decide to consign with us.
  • We will call you a week in advance of your appointment to remind you.
  • Please review the list of items we do and do not accept.
  • As our display space is limited, we ask that you bring no more than five average-sized boxes (2'x2'x3') to your appointment.
  • Please do not schedule more than one appointment per month.

What happens to the proceeds when an item is sold?

Items consigned to La Cache will be priced by our experienced pricers. When the item sells, you will receive 60 percent of the sale price, and Children's Hospital Colorado will receive 40 percent of the sale price.

What items are accepted for consignment at La Cache?

La Cache always welcomes unique and unusual items in good condition. Please bring in various items for us to consider with the understanding that we may not be able to accept them. We ask that you bring in items that are clean and, for silver, polished.

La Cache currently welcomes the following merchandise:

  • Sterling silver items and unique silver plates
  • Fine jewelry and costume jewelry
  • Fine goblet-sized stemware (minimum of 4 glasses)
  • Sets of fine china (Note: We require a minimum of 8 place settings and accept the following brands: Coalport, Herrend, patterned Lenox, Limoges, Royal Doulton, Spode, Wedgewood and others of similar quality.)
  • China dinner plates and dessert plates (for buffet use)
  • Framed art (maximum size approximately 37"x30")
  • Oriental and decorative rugs (small- to medium-sized) and runners
  • Classic and antique furniture (approved in advance via photos sent to
  • Table and floor lamps
  • Bronze statuary and fine porcelain figurines
  • Elegant glass, china and ceramic decorative items (vases, bowls, centerpieces and candlesticks)
  • Fine unused table linens in the original box
  • Antique copper and brass items (not from India)
  • Antique and vintage clocks in working condition
  • Fine punch bowl sets (accepted in October and November for the holidays, and in March and April for wedding and graduation season)

What items does La Cache not accept for consignment?

La Cache does not accept items that are chipped, crazed, scratched, broken, or the following:

  • Items valued under $20
  • Large rugs
  • Hurricane lamps
  • Unframed art or posters
  • Kitchen items such as pots, pans and kitchen gadgets
  • Religious items
  • Clothing
  • Bedding, drapes and used linens
  • Books
  • Nude art work
  • Dolls and stuffed animals (We will accept Steiff stuffed animals)
  • Smoking-related items
  • Plain silver plate items, particularly "well and tree" meat platters
  • Individual cups and saucers (We will accept Coalport, Meissen, Minton and Shelley)
  • Commemorative plates, figures and limited-edition items
  • Large collection of Hummels, Doultons and Lladros (three or four at a time can be accepted)
  • Sherbet glasses, cordials and other small sizes of stemware
  • Sets of china made in Japan (other than Mikasa), Bavaria or Germany
  • Noritake older sets with gold borders that cannot be put in dish washers
  • Sets of ironstone dinnerware

Items not accepted for consignment can be returned to you or donated to La Cache/Children's Colorado. If you decide to donate items not accepted, please fill out a donation slip during your consignment appointment.

What happens once my items are reviewed for consignment?

Once your items have been inventoried and priced at La Cache, we will send you a copy of the contract. Please review the contract to see which items have been accepted and their prices. You can then accept or reject individual items on the contract.

Items not accepted will be marked "pick up" or "donate" on your contract. Please circle on your contract whether you will pick up the items or donate them, sign the contract and send it back to us. If you choose not to consign any items with La Cache, a $25 donation to Children's Hospital Colorado is requested when items are picked up.

Once we have your signed contract, your items will be displayed for four months. After the items are displayed for 40 days, the price will be reduced 20 percent. After 80 days, the price will be reduced another 20 percent.

What happens if my items don't sell?

At the end of four months, you must either come in and pick up your items or donate them to La Cache. We will not call you to remind you to pick them up, so please mark your calendar to call us to make arrangements to retrieve your unsold items or donate them. The date to call La Cache is listed on the second page of your contract.

Donated items will be priced and displayed with a tag marked RDF (Red Door Fund). All proceeds of the sale of RDF items go to Children's Colorado.

What are the terms of consignment at La Cache?

  • Our consignment contracts last four months.
  • Consignors should notify us of any changes of address or phone number during the four-month consignment period.
  • Consignor receives 60 percent of sale price; Children’s Colorado receives 40 percent of sales.
  • We reduce prices by 20 percent after 40 days and by an additional 20 percent after 80 days.
  • We send checks to consignors mid-month in the month following sales.
  • Consignors are required to call La Cache near the end of the four-month contract if they are interested in picking up unsold items. The date to call is marked on the second page of your contract. We donate unclaimed items.

Thank you for supporting our efforts on behalf of Children's Colorado.