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Children's Advocacy Boot Camp

Be a leader for children

Have you ever wished you had the knowledge and tools to call up your state representative to discuss a health care issue faced by your family or your child? Have you ever wanted to build support within your community or your child's school for a specific cause related to children's health? Have you ever felt the need to speak up in a health care setting but not been sure how you would be received? Children's Advocacy Boot Camp is for you! Children's Hospital Colorado is proud to announce its 4th Children's Advocacy Boot Camp — a program for adults who want to learn how to advocate for children's health issues that matter to them.

Children's Advocacy Boot Camp is one of many programs within Children's Health Advocacy Institute (CHAI). Children's Advocacy Boot Camp is specifically designed to teach people how to use their voices to bring positive and lasting change related to children's health and wellbeing in the state of Colorado and beyond. Children's Advocacy Boot Camp is a 9-month intensive leadership program that includes monthly meetings, coaching sessions, challenges, fieldtrips, a community impact project, and many networking opportunities as alumni following graduation. Graduates of the program acquire lifelong skills to help them advocate more effectively, not to mention the benefits of developing lifelong friendships and professional connections!

Participants will develop key skills

  • Identify community resources and supports for children and understand how to utilize them.
  • Develop storytelling skills and strategies to build confidence in communicating with elected officials, peers, professionals, and other community leaders.
  • Gain an understanding of the legislative process and be able to navigate the State Capitol.
  • Fundraising basics, community resources for children, how to deliver an "ask" that gets the results you want while also learning how to hear "no" and keep moving on with energy.
  • Learn how to leverage media and social media it to make positive societal improvements for children.
  • Understand change, transition periods, and where to invest energy in times of ambiguity.
  • Improve difficult situations by communication effectively, shifting focus, and self-reflection.
  • Find your voice, use your voice, believe you can effect change, and know how to improve communities.

The 2018 application process has been closed

Please check back this fall to apply to the 2019 program.

There is no charge to participate in the program; however, interested individuals must apply by November 22nd. Class size is limited. Classes will take place 9-1pm on the last Wednesday of each month running January – September, 2018.

Questions or to be placed on the contact list? Contact Kay Jenner at:

For more information, read our flyer.