Children's Hospital Colorado

Goals and Accomplishments

A family member advisor

The Family Advisory Council (FAC) works hard to ensure that we are focused on our mission: creating mutually beneficial partnerships among patients, families, and healthcare providers, which promotes the best outcomes and enhances the quality and safety of healthcare delivery in a sensitive, compassionate, and family-inclusive way.

Current goals:

  • Define and implement a marketing strategy for FAC. We want to make FAC known to all parts of the hospital, and educate staff on how to involve parents in key projects and initiatives. Our marketing campaign is called on "Did you ask a Parent?"
  • Create a process for FAC to proactively give input on hospital processes and procedures. Our focus has been on the Respiratory Season Visitation Guidelines, since they impact families every year for up to 6 months. Our goal is to find a greater balance between keeping our patients safe, and at the same time letting siblings visit with their brothers and sisters while in the hospital.
  • Create and implement a Parent Advocacy Program. FAC is working on a variety of resources to help families advocate for their children in the hospital.

What's ahead: Our 5-year plan

  • Create Family Engagement throughout the whole hospital. We want families engaged throughout the hospital by having input into decisions and policies, and ultimately making Children's Colorado breathe family-centered care.
  • Create a comprehensive Parent Advocacy Program. Our long-term goal is to provide a tool kit to help families advocate for their children in the hospital.
  • Family Advisory Council will be consulted for decisions, policies and procedures impacting families. This is linked to Family Engagement and getting families engaged throughout the hospital.

Key accomplishments: we've made progress!

Interested in joining?

If you would like to join the Family Advisory Council or would like to learn more about how to work with the FAC on a hospital initiative, please email us at