Children's Hospital Colorado

Teen Volunteer Opportunities at Children’s Hospital Colorado

The Junior Volunteer Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado gives teens ages 13 to 18 opportunities to get involved with their community and gain valuable experience. We offer both full-year and summer volunteer opportunities, and we can provide volunteer credit for teens working to complete scholarship applications.

A group of junior volunteers at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Make an impact

Teen volunteers work in many hospital departments and support fundraising events. Your work means our team members can accomplish other tasks, so the hospital can run more smoothly and have a bigger impact.

As a teen, you can connect with kids and other teens in the hospital on a unique level. From doing a craft project with children to staffing an event, you’re making a real difference in the lives of kids and families.

Explore your interests

Volunteering in a hospital setting gives you the opportunity to see the impact of pediatric healthcare up close.

You’ll also meet many different people and get experience working with a team. Our team includes people in clinical roles, like doctors, nurses and therapists, and nonclinical roles like finance, information technology and human resources professionals.

It takes all kinds of people to run a children’s hospital. Everyone plays a role in our mission—seeing this firsthand can help you explore potential paths for your own career or education.

I was a patient at Children’s Colorado as a kid, so I wanted to give back by volunteering. Hearing stories of what other patients and families have gone through has shown me how life-changing medical advancements can be. I want to study Human Biology and become one of the doctors behind those lifesaving discoveries.
Leah, Former Children’s Colorado Junior Volunteer of the Year

Junior Volunteer Advisory Committee

The Junior Volunteer Advisory Committee represents the teens in our program and provides leadership opportunities, including:

  • Organizing and staffing activities like Cake-A-Palooza, an entertaining monthly event for patients and families
  • Recognizing teen volunteers who go “Above and Beyond Care” with the ABC Award
  • Planning the Craft Fair Fantastica, an annual weeklong fair for patients and siblings

Scholarship opportunities

Junior Volunteers at Children’s Colorado make a real impact, and we’re proud of their contributions. We recognize outstanding volunteers and support their educational goals through awards and scholarships.

Each year, we offer two Junior Volunteer Recognition Scholarships for $2,500, benefiting:

  • A teen volunteer pursuing a degree in the medical or allied health fields
  • A teen volunteer who has made outstanding contributions to Children's Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about teen volunteering

Q: How many hours is each Junior Volunteer required to complete?
A: Our volunteers typically commit to three hours per week.

Q: What will I be doing?
A: We assign you to activities based on our needs and your interests. These may include organizing events for families, doing crafts or leading creative play with kids.

Q: When will I be notified of acceptance?
A: We process your application as quickly as possible, based on the order we received it.

Learn more about volunteering

We’d love to hear from you and learn about your volunteering goals and interests. If you decide to apply, you’ll complete an application, interview and health screening before starting work. Apply today to be a Junior Volunteer at Children’s Colorado.