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How to prepare for birth

Expecting a baby fills your home with excitement, as well as adorable little outfits, toys and new furniture. And at some point, most parents worry about whether they’re really ready. It’s natural.

We understand those mixed emotions and can help you feel as prepared as possible.

Baby-proof your home

Parts of your home that you barely think about — toilets, windows and more — your baby will soon view as their personal playground.

Keep your home safe

Why is my baby crying in their sleep?

Is your baby waking up and crying frequently at night? Our expert provides advice on how to comfort them and get them back to sleep.

Baby first-aid kit

Read this checklist so you feel prepared to care for your baby at home.

Co-sleeping, bed-sharing and room-sharing. What's the safest?

Is co-sleeping safe? What about bed-sharing or room-sharing? Learn about safe sleep for babies and find answers to common questions from our pediatric sleep experts.

Preventing choking in babies

Read this guide to help keep your baby safe from choking hazards.

Introducing a new baby to pets and siblings

Part of preparing to bring a new baby home is making sure you have a plan in place to introduce them to their new siblings and pets. Our experts share their guidance.

Prepare for the unexpected

We hope everything goes to plan during your pregnancy and your baby’s birth. But it can give you peace of mind to create a care plan for the unexpected and share it with your providers.

Download your Baby Care Plan

Learn about our Baby Care Plan

The highest level of baby care

Should your baby need it, our Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) provide the highest level of care in the Rocky Mountain region.

Learn about our NICUs

Prepare for the first year

Your baby’s first year will bring up more questions than you imagined — and we’re sure you’ve thought of many. We’ll help you answer some of those questions ahead of time.

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Our ChildrensMD app lets you check symptoms, get advice and determine if your baby needs care — and where to find it.

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Symptom checker

Get information on symptoms your baby has, when you should seek care and when you can care for them at home.

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