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Help for parents of babies with a prenatal diagnosis

Pregnancy creates a lot of questions for parents. If your baby has received a prenatal diagnosis, you might have an entirely new set of questions. The experts in our Colorado Fetal Care Center have answers and resources to help you feel comfortable and confident in your care journey.

Our fetal care and neonatal outcomes

Learn how we can ensure some of the best fetal care outcomes in the country for your baby.

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Would you like a second opinion?

If you have received a prenatal diagnosis, are considering treatment options or just want to feel more confident about your treatment plan, our fetal care experts are here to help.

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Our fetal care services

As one of the truly comprehensive fetal care centers in the country, we offer the full range of fetal services including imaging, testing, minimally invasive procedures, surgery and more.

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Advice for your growing baby

If your baby has a prenatal diagnosis, their early life might be a little different than you imagined. Our experts offer advice on how to navigate this unique time and help you create special memories with your little one.

Developmental milestones for babies in the NICU

How are development milestones different for babies born early or who have a longer stay in the NICU? Our experts provide some general guidance on what to expect from your NICU baby, when.

Breastfeeding in the NICU and when you go home

Infants with medical conditions may have trouble breastfeeding or bottle feeding because they don’t yet have the skills, or their condition prevents it. Our experts share what you need to know about feeding your baby while they're in the NICU.

Car seat safety for premature babies

Our experts explain how to safely use a car seat for premature babies or those with medical conditions.

Vaccines for babies with medical conditions

Learn about vaccines for infants with medical conditions, special considerations and how they protect against harmful disease.

How to baby-proof your home

Learn how to baby-proof your home and help create a healthy environment for your family with this guide from the experts at Children’s Colorado.

Prenatal diagnosis resources for your journey

While your baby’s diagnosis might have been a surprise to you, caring for serious fetal conditions is common for us. Get to know our maternal fetal medicine specialists and explore our family resources so you feel prepared and confident in your baby’s care.

Meet the families we’ve helped

Klay and Kai: How Mono-Mono Twins Overcame Incredible Hurdles

Mono-mono twins Klay and Kai faced several health issues before they were born, but you would never know it if you saw them now.

Eli: Living and Thriving with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

Eli was given a 50% chance of surviving. See how he overcame the odds and is now thriving in the face of CDH.

Charlotte: Surviving a Fetal Omphalocele and Finding Silver Linings

After an omphalocele diagnosis, our fetal care team helped Charlotte’s parents go from uncertain to joyful.

Luke and Levi: Unique Surgery Technique Saves Twin Babies

These twins needed urgent surgery before they were born for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, but their mom's placenta was incredibly unique and posed a challenge to specialists. Our experts put their heads together and modified the surgery technique to safely treat them.

Jose Alejandro: Fetal MMC Repair in the Face of a Pandemic

When COVID-19 forced many fetal care centers to close, the Colorado Fetal Care Center stayed open. Learn how our team continued performing lifesaving surgeries like Jose Alejandro's.

What you should know if you have a prenatal diagnosis