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What is chordee?

Chordee (congenital penile curvature) causes the penis to bend or twist, especially while it is erect. Chordee does not always have negative impacts during childhood but can inhibit sexual function later in adulthood. Doctors often recommend correcting chordee when your child is young, rather than waiting until later.

What causes chordee?

Chordee is the result from the abnormal development of the penis, but experts are not sure of the exact cause of the abnormal development.

Who gets chordee?

Chordee is a fairly common birth defect. Chordee can be a stand-alone medical condition, or associated with other congenital conditions of the penis, including:

  • Hypospadias: a condition that occurs when the urethra is not located at the tip of the penis
  • Penile torsion: a condition that occurs when the midline raphe (ridge located on the underside of the penis) wraps around the penis, causing the penis to be twisted

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