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Daytime Wetting

What is daytime wetting?

If your child has wetting accidents in his or her underwear after potty-training age, he or she is likely experiencing daytime wetting.

What causes daytime wetting?

Daytime wetting is most commonly associated with dysfunctional voiding. Daytime wetting can occur for several reasons:

  • If a child is not urinating enough and is holding on to his or her urine during the day
  • If a child is constipated  
  • If a child has a urinary tract infection
  • If a child's control mechanism and bladder muscles are not working properly

Who gets daytime wetting?

Any child who is potty trained can have daytime urinary wetting if they are not taking the time to empty their bladder fully, not voiding on a regular schedule or are not having coordinated pelvic floor musculature, which is required for holding and releasing urine.

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