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What is hidden penis?

A hidden penis, also called a buried penis or concealed penis, is a penis that is partially or completely hidden under the scrotum or skin of the pubic area. A hidden penis is usually average size and functions the same as a typical penis. In severe cases, the shaft and head of the penis may not be visible at all.

What causes hidden penis?

Hidden penis can be congenital (present at birth) or it can develop later in life. If present at birth, the condition might be caused by abnormalities to the ligaments that attach to the penis.

When hidden penis occurs after birth, causes can include:

  • Morbid obesity, which may result in excess fat around the pubic area, causing the penis to become buried
  • Lymphedema, when lymph fluid collects around the scrotum area, causing it to swell
  • Circumcision, which can change the contours of the penis if too much or not enough of the foreskin is removed, making it more susceptible to becoming hidden or buried

Who gets hidden penis?

Hidden penis is more often found in male infants and toddlers, rather than older boys and men. By the time males reach adolescence or adulthood, their regular growth cycle usually helps resolve most medical complications that may cause the condition.

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