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Hypertensive Kidney Disease

Kids aren’t just mini adults. In fact, they’re incredibly different. That’s why they need incredibly different care.

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What is hypertensive kidney disease?

In children, hypertensive kidney disease is a condition in which hypertension (high blood pressure) is caused by kidney disease or conditions that affect the kidneys. In adults, it is more commonly the reverse, where longstanding, or chronic, hypertension can lead to kidney damage. Kidneys and blood pressure are often directly related to one another.

What causes hypertensive kidney disease?

In adults, hypertension is common and often occurs without a clearly identifiable cause. It has been suggested that such hypertension causes kidney damage over time. In children, on the other hand, hypertension often has an identifiable (and sometimes treatable) cause, which frequently is a condition involving the kidneys. Kidney disease can drive blood pressure up in several ways, but there are treatments to normalize blood pressure.

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