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What is musculoskeletal pain?

Musculoskeletal pain is any pain that affects the muscles, bones, joints or connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments. Musculoskeletal pain can be very debilitating, affecting daily function and can even interfere with activities of daily living such as getting dressed and eating.

Musculoskeletal pain can range from minor, short-lived pain to constant and severe pain. Sometimes musculoskeletal pain can develop into a chronic condition; this may require the expertise of our multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Clinic to effectively treat the pain.

What causes musculoskeletal pain?

Musculoskeletal pain usually occurs after an injury or trauma to the area. Musculoskeletal pain can also occur from being inactive for long periods of time or after a period of deconditioning. It can also be related to poor posture, as this puts extra strain on the muscles leading to pain.

Who gets musculoskeletal pain?

Anyone can develop musculoskeletal pain, and it does not affect people of a specific gender or age more than others.

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