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Nighttime Wetting

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What is nighttime wetting?

Nighttime wetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is when a potty-trained child with daytime bladder control has urinary accidents during the night, in the bed. It is not considered abnormal until the age of 5 and is not cause for serious alarm.

What causes nighttime wetting?

Nocturnal enuresis is a developmental delay in the normal process of having nighttime bladder control. However, there is no known single cause for the condition. This condition will usually resolve on its own without intervention, however, it can be a very difficult issue for children as they get older and spend more time away from home at night at sleepovers or overnight camps. It can cause anxiety, embarrassment and withdrawal for the child in social situations.

Who gets nighttime wetting?

There is some evidence of a genetic link, meaning that if a child's mother or father wet the bed past age 7, it is more likely that they will wet the bed.

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