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Retractile Testicles in Children

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What is a retractile testicle?

A retractile testicle is a condition in which one or both testicles are not located in the base of the scrotum as expected. A retractile testicle moves back and forth between the scrotum and the groin. When the testicle is in the groin, it can be easily moved down into the scrotum during a physical exam.

What causes a retractile testicle?

The cremaster muscle is a muscle in the groin that pulls the testicles up closer to the body. It then relaxes to release the testicles back into the scrotum. This movement is a normal reflex. However, a child can develop retractile testicles if the testicles do not move back down into the scrotum. This condition is also known as an undescended testicles.

Who gets a retractile testicle?

A retractile testicle can occur any time before puberty. Risk factors for a retractile testicle include family history and prematurity.

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