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Sindig-Larsen-Johannson Disease

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What is Sindig-Larsen-Johannson disease?

Sindig-Larsen-Johannson disease refers to a condition that causes pain, swelling and soreness on the knee cap (patella). The medical term for this condition is patellar "apophysitis." It occurs directly on the lower part of the knee cap during pre-adolescent development when the growing kneecap is vulnerable to overuse.

Who gets Sindig-Larsen-Johannson disease?

Sindig-Larsen-Johannson only occurs during a certain period of pre-adolescence, when the knee cap is going through a rapid growth spurt. In girls, this typically occurs around 8 to 10 years old, and in boys, around 9 to 11 years old.

The condition is more common in active, athletic children. Children and young athletes who are involved in a lot of running and jumping activities are at higher risk for developing Sindig-Larsen-Johannson due to increased pulling of the kneecap tendon on this growing area.

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