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Skeletal Dysplasia in Children

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What is pediatric skeletal dysplasia?

Skeletal dysplasia is a group of genetic issues that causes atypical growth in bones, joints and cartilage. Mild cases can cause small stature and shorter legs and arms. More severe cases of skeletal dysplasia can cause breathing problems, and even death in infancy.

What causes skeletal dysplasia?

Genetic factors cause skeletal dysplasia. Some parents pass the condition to their kids, but in most cases, a baby’s gene may change during pregnancy for unknown reasons. Skeletal dysplasia is not caused by environmental factors or anything a parent does while pregnant.

Who gets skeletal dysplasia?

Genetic disorders can run in families, but most cases are new changes and not passed on from parents. Skeletal dysplasia can range in severity and occurs in around 1 in 5,000 babies.

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