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What are testicular tumors?

Testicular tumors are masses that grow in the testicle of boys and men. A pediatric testicular mass can be benign, meaning it will not spread to the rest of the body, or malignant, meaning it is cancerous and can spread.

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Testicular cancer is a malignancy of the testicle. Most testicular cancers (between 90% and 95% of the time) are a specific type of cancer called a testicular germ cell tumor. These tumors begin in the germ cells, which are the cells that make sperm.

Can children and teenagers get testicular cancer?

Yes. Testicular cancer is the most common type of solid tumor in adolescent and adult men from 13 to 40 years old, but it can occur at any age from infancy through adulthood. Most testicular cancers are curable.

At Children's Hospital Colorado, our Urologic Tumor Program treats many types of testicular and paratesticular tumors, which originate outside the testicles, such as:

We commonly treat testicular tumors in boys and young men using surgery and chemotherapy, but we develop a unique and appropriate treatment plan for each patient and family.

What causes testicular tumors in children?

We don't yet understand what causes these tumors, but we know that certain factors can predispose boys and young men to testicular tumors, such as a prior undescended testicle or a family history of testicular tumors.

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