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What is ureterocele?

An ureterocele is a congenital abnormality. It is a ballooning of the ureter at the bladder level. This ballooning can cause an obstruction that prevents urine from draining from the kidney, through the ureter and into the bladder.

Ureteroceles are most often associated with duplex collecting system, instead of a single collecting system. A duplex collecting system is when there are two ureters draining from both the upper and lower segments of a kidney into the bladder. The ureterocele usually occurs only in one of the ureters, the ureter draining the upper part of the kidney. A single collecting system has a single ureter draining the kidney.

What causes ureterocele?

The cause of ureteroceles is unknown and there is no known prevention for this condition.

Who gets ureterocele?

Ureteroceles run in families, so there is a genetic component.

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