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Living with Epilepsy

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How to live with epilepsy

Epilepsy surgery is a huge milestone for a child with epilepsy. Though every child's experience is different, it can be helpful to hear from someone who has been through the surgery and recovery.

For Maddie, epilepsy surgery provided a newfound sense of freedom. For you, whether your child is a candidate for surgery or not, we have the resources and support you need to help you manage your child’s epilepsy.

Our families discuss living with epilepsy

Watch as Maddie and her family shares about the days following her surgery and what life is like for her now.

Support for families living with epilepsy

Maddie thought her seizures would limit her for the rest of her life, but now she is seizure-free and enjoying new-found independence.

  • Cooking with the oven

    Before the surgery, Maddie could only use a toaster or microwave when she was alone.

  • Biking to youth group

    Maddie doesn't have to rely on others to get around anymore.

  • Taking honors classes

    Maddie can focus on school now that she doesn't have seizure spells during class.

  • Pursuing a career

    Maddie now hopes to become a paramedic or teacher.

  • Walking to school on her own

    Prior to surgery, Maddie's parents had to walk her to school every day.

  • Learning how to drive

    Maddie recently got her permit and is learning how to drive.

Seizure safety toolkit

This guide from our Neuroscience Institute and The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado help you develop a plan specific to your child's seizure needs.

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Additional epilepsy patient resources

Partnership with the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Children's Hospital Colorado partners with the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where many of our physicians and care providers serve as faculty.