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Scoliosis Surgery Recovery

The road to recovery

Recovery from any surgery can be challenging. Jessica and her parents share the ups and downs of her recovery process, including the things that helped along the way. They were amazed at what she could do just four weeks after her spinal fusion surgery.

Surgery recovery 101

Jessica shared three tips to help keep spirits up during recovery.

  1. Be competitive: Jessica was eager to break as many records as she could, whether it was getting up out of bed or walking around the hospital for the first time. She stayed focused on her goal of getting back to running track in the fall.
  2. Find the fun: Jessica took advantage of the events and happenings around her at the hospital. Whether it was phoning into trivia in Seacrest Studios or heading down to the hospital atrium for crafts, these activities helped her stay entertained and distracted.
  3. Stay encouraged: Whether it was her family keeping her positive or hospital cheer cards from friends back home, friends and family helped Jessica stay positive throughout her recovery.

Teens talk: What  to expect from scoliosis surgery

Teens typically have their own questions and concerns when it comes to scoliosis surgery. Here are a few of the most frequently asked.


Caroline's scoliosis journey

Competitive dancer Caroline feared that her scoliosis would get in the way of her dance aspirations. Learn about her experience with surgery, recovery and getting back to the dance floor.

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"It's definitely worth it because you'll have a much better quality of life."

Jessica, 16-year-old after spine surgery


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