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Scoliosis Surgery

When surgery is the best option

Having your child undergo surgery can seem insurmountable to a parent. But, there are things you can do to ensure the experience is as safe as possible for your child. The  Allens share how they prepared for the best possible scenario for their daughter, Jessica.

How to choose a spine surgery team

Jessica's dad Doug shares five factors he recommends reviewing when planning for spine surgery for your child.

  1. Scoliosis surgeon: How often has the doctor performed spinal fusion surgery? Are they trained in pediatrics to understand how a growing spine is different?
  2. Patient safety: How often does the team do this operation? What's their typical length of stay and infection rate for spine surgery patients?
  3. Technology: Does the team have the most advanced technology for the procedure, like 3D printers for spine prototypes that they can practice on before the surgery?
  4. Anesthesia: Do they specialize in providing anesthesia to children?
  5. Radiation: Do they provide low-dose radiation options to minimize the negative effects of radiation for your child?

Making spine surgery safer for kids

Medical Director of our Spine Program Dr. Mark Erickson explains what surgical outcomes are and why they matter for helping keep kids safe.

Our spine surgery outcomes

At Children's Colorado, we treat more kids, teens and young adults with spine conditions, like scoliosis, than any other hospital in our region.

Our spine team is constantly working to research newer, better ways to improve quality and patient safety for our spine surgery patients.

Learn how our focus on patient safety helps protect our spine surgery patients

30% Shorter hospital length of stays for spinal fusion surgery when compared to the state average
250+ Pediatric spine procedures performed each year
MORE Pediatric idiopathic scoliosis procedures are performed here than any hospital in Colorado

Preparing for spine surgery

Our pediatric spine team wants to ensure your family feels as comfortable as possible about your child's upcoming spine surgery. That is why we provide special information sessions for our scoliosis patients. For children under 12 years old, we offer a one-on-one session with a pediatric spine nurse. For those 12 years old and older, we offer a spine class where your child can meet with a patient who had scoliosis surgery at our hospital.

Learn more about our spine class for teens

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Scoliosis success stories

From toddlers to teens, our patients come in all ages, and each has their own story to tell.

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Our Spine Program

Our spine team performs the most pediatric idiopathic scoliosis procedures in the region.

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"To know that they're in good hands is one thing, and to know that they're happy, comfortable and fine is huge."

Mark, Emily's dad


Partnership with the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Children's Hospital Colorado partners with the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where many of our physicians and care providers serve as faculty.