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Tonsillectomy Surgery and Recovery

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Surgery and going home

You may feel anxious about the day of your child's surgery and how well your child will recover after surgery. Learning about what to expect after surgery can help put your mind at ease.

Our families discuss their daughters’ recovery from tonsillectomy

Lora and Erich share some of the special experiences they had at Children's Colorado on the day of surgery that made a big difference to them and their daughters. They also provide valuable tips on how they helped their kids get through recovery.

Tonsillectomy surgery resources

Here are Lora's top tips for how to help get your child through tonsillectomy recovery:

  • Let your kids pick out snacks before the day of surgery.

  • Use humidified air to keep your child's throat moist.

  • Apply ice packs on your child's throat or give ice chips and popsicles to help relieve pain.

  • Keep a cooler in the room your child sleeps in.

  • Give pain medicine around the clock (as directed by your child's surgeon).

  • Prefill the measuring device (syringe or cup) for the pain medicine that you'll be giving your child before you go to bed at night.

  • Get recipe ideas online for drinks and foods that your child may like.

  • Make sure your child drinks plenty of liquids.

  • Have your child chew gum if they have problems with bad breath.

Anesthesia and children

Pediatric anesthesiologist, Tessa Mandler, MD, explains why anesthesia for kids is different. She also talks about what makes anesthesiology at Children's Colorado unique – like the ability to call 24/7 to ask questions before or after surgery.

Center for Children's Surgery

At Children's Colorado, our pediatric surgeons are world-renowned pioneers in the treatment of children and adolescents for any level of injury or illness.

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What is a child life specialist?

Child life specialists help with adjustments in the hospital or clinic setting, illness or injury, and the treatments involved. They use play, recreation and educational techniques to assist children and families.


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Lora sits on a couch talking to another mom about how Children's Hospital Colorado allowed her to be involved in the tonsillectomy process for her daughters.
"I'm a firm believer in pediatric everything for the kids. Pediatrics is just different."
Lora, Addie's and Elise's mom

Additional family resources

Partnership with the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Children's Hospital Colorado partners with the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where many of our physicians and care providers serve as faculty.