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Nicole, treated for TTTS at Children's Colorado, sits with her school-age twin girls.

TTTS Surgery and Recovery

The road to recovery after TTTS laser surgery

For moms carrying twins diagnosed with TTTS, their anxieties may not subside until they meet their babies.

These families share how they felt after undergoing fetal surgery, the ups and downs of the recovery process, and what helped them hold onto hope along the way.

Dr. Galan talks with a woman in the maternal fetal program.

Our Maternal Fetal Medicine Program

With a complex fetal condition like TTTS, doctors are really caring for multiple patients at the same time: the mom and her babies. That's why your care team should be as comprehensive as the disease is complex.

When it comes to TTTS surgery, it's key to have specialized, expert care. At our Colorado Fetal Care Center, your team is made of multidisciplinary maternal, fetal and pediatric experts, all collaborating to provide the specialized care you and your babies need – before, during and after delivery.

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Treating TTTS with laser surgery

To stop the unbalanced exchange of fluids between the twins, our fetal surgeons seal off the abnormal blood vessel connections. How? With fetoscopic laser photocoagulation.

Beating the bed rest blues: things to do on bed rest

Not all moms with TTTS are prescribed bed rest, but for those that are, bed rest means reducing their activity levels.

For Nicole, being on bed rest didn't mean she was taking it easy. After undergoing her laser procedure, she found ways to distract herself from counting the days until her babies reached 32 weeks.

Check out her advice for staying busy while on bed rest – and still obeying the doctors' orders.

TTTS by the numbers

At the Colorado Fetal Care Center, we see and treat more babies with rare fetal conditions like twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). This means that here, the rare becomes common.

Our maternal fetal medicine specialist, Dr. Nicholas Behrendt, breaks down our outcomes, volumes and research, and what it all means for your babies.

See how we stack the odds in your favor.

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Nicole talks to Alyssa about her experience with TTTS

"It's pretty remarkable that after everything we went through, the babies were fine."

Nicole, Mila and Ciela's mom


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