Children's Hospital Colorado

Medical Marijuana and Cancer

Experts at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Hospital Colorado work closely with families to provide the most appropriate treatment for cancer, while also seeking to minimize side effects and maximize quality of life. 

Chemotherapy and supportive care medications 

Today, chemotherapy is a required part of therapy for children with leukemia. Many supportive care medications are used in children and adults with cancer, including those considered to be complementary and alternative medicine (also referred to as integrative health).  

Medical marijuana used to lessen side effects and nausea

Marijuana or a product derived from marijuana is often used to decrease side effects in adults with cancer. There are several FDA-approved and commercially available anti-nausea medicines derived from marijuana (such as Marinol) that are frequently used by adults and children with cancer, and doctors at Children's Colorado often prescribe these medications.  

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