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Parents want the best for their children - that's true on and off the sports field, court or mat. Watching your children play sports and be active can be exciting and nerve racking. We're here to help make it the best experience for you and your child.

From how to be a positive parent for your young athlete to ideas for outdoor activities for you family, our sports medicine experts have advice to help you. Check out our latest articles for parents.

How busy families can make time for physical activity

How busy families can make time for physical activity

The demands of daily life – homework, family dinners and bath time, just to name a few – can make it hard to find time to exercise. Our sports medicine expert offers ideas to help busy families be more physically active.


Don’t let asthma sideline your childDon’t let asthma sideline your child

You may think because your child has asthma, he can’t participate in a sports team or exercise. In fact, regular exercise can help your child stay healthier. Learn more from our asthma expert on what you can do to keep your child in the game.


How To Be a Positive Parent of a Young Athlete

It’s important to set a good example of sportsmanship for your kids and even other parents. Here are some tips for being a supportive and positive parent of an athlete.


Why to Eat Dinner with Your FamilyWhy to Eat Dinner with Your Family

Family meals are associated with healthier food choices; fewer disordered eating behaviors, less substance abuse, and better psychosocial well-being among adolescents.


What Every Parent Needs to Know About Sports Physicals

Prior to the start of preseason, all young athletes should have a pre-participation physical examination (PPE) or sports physical to ensure they are healthy and ready to return to sports.