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You are not alone.

Life is tough right now, and many of us are struggling. There is no shame in asking for help with mental health, for you or your child.

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Mental health and wellness tools for families

Explore our self-care and wellness resources to help your child – and your whole family – navigate day-to-day challenges and build resilience for the future.

Parents' top mental health questions

What does "good" mental health look like for children? We brought this common question — and several more — to our team in the Pediatric Mental Health Institute.

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"When it comes to youth and their mental health, the number one, most important thing parents can do is spend quality time with their children."
Dr. Jessica Hawks, Child and Adolescent Psychologist

The big three: sleep, exercise and diet

After quality time, the most impactful thing you can do to support your child's mental health is to ensure that their most basic needs are covered. Learn how you can help your child eat better, sleep more and get enough activity to improve and protect their mental well-being. 

Promoting mental wellness in kids

How to Connect with Your Kids

How do you make time to connect with your kids in a busy world? Check out these tips from mental health experts.

Improve your mood with mindful breathing

Mindful deep breathing has many benefits on your mind and body. Follow these techniques to relax and reduce stress or wake up and gain energy.

How to help your kid stress less

Everyone gets stressed. It’s a part of life. Get advice from our child psychologists on how kids can learn to identify stress and move through it with grace.

Find mental health articles by age

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Babies and toddlers

Ages 0 to 4

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5 to 11 years

Help your child manage emotions and build resilience

This training from Partners for Children's Mental Health teaches skills from dialectical behavior therapy, a therapeutic approach focused on mindfulness, stress management and healthy relationships.

Learn how to build your child's skills

Children's mental health events

We host community events to bring mental health resources, knowledge and information to you and your family. Visit this page often to learn about new events.

Stress management for kids and parents

Is stress affecting your family's health? It may be time to rethink how you manage that stress. Watch this video for tips to help youth and adults alike.