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How to Recognize Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders — And When to Seek Help

A new baby brings up a lot of emotions for parents, and they’re not all positive. Learn about warning signs for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and how you can get help.

Recognizing Childhood Illness and When to Seek Care for Babies

It’s important to know when your baby has a cold and when it may be more serious. Learn how to recognize illness in babies and when to seek care.

Safe Sleep for Babies with Medical Conditions

Learn about the extra sleep precautions parents need to take if their baby was born prematurely or has an ongoing condition that requires medical equipment.

Car Seat Safety for Premature Babies

Our experts explain how to safely use a car seat for premature babies or those with medical conditions.

Baby First-Aid Kit

Read this checklist so you feel prepared to care for your baby at home.

Vaccines for Babies with Medical Conditions

Learn about vaccines for infants with medical conditions, special considerations and how they protect against harmful disease.

How to Baby-Proof Your Home

Learn how to baby-proof your home and help create a healthy environment for your family with this guide from the experts at Children’s Colorado.

Infant Bathing and Grooming with Medical Complications

How should you bathe and groom babies with complex medical needs, at home or in the NICU? Our experts have some tips.

Breastfeeding in the NICU and When You Go Home

Infants with medical conditions may have trouble breastfeeding or bottle feeding because they don’t yet have the skills, or their condition prevents it. Our experts share what you need to know about feeding your baby while they're in the NICU.

Developmental Milestones for Babies in the NICU

How are development milestones different for babies born early or who have a longer stay in the NICU? Our experts provide some general guidance on what to expect from your NICU baby, when.

How to Prepare for a Long Stay in the NICU

For many families, being admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit wasn't part of the plan. Regardless, there are several logistical and emotional steps you can take to improve your time in the NICU. Get our tips.

10 Things to Know About Birth Defects

Here at the Colorado Fetal Care Center, we aim to provide awareness and information regarding birth defects, as well as available treatments.

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