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Food Allergy 101

Does your child have food allergies? Our Food Allergy 101 provides families with food allergy resources and information they need to understand, prevent and manage their child's food allergies.

What Every Child Needs

Harley Rotbart, MD, a nationally-renowned parenting expert, shares the eight basic needs of a child and how to help kids become happy, successful adults.

Keto Diet for Kids with Epilepsy: The Benefits and Risks

Touted by neurologists and celebrities, the ketogenic diet has many benefits, including seizure reduction for kids with epilepsy — but it can also be dangerous. Learn more about keto and its benefits and drawbacks for kids with epilepsy here.

Parental Discretion Advised: Children and Media

It's hard to decide if your child is ready for action movies, social media, explicit songs — and even harder to keep up with parental controls and new technology. Our experts share insights on guiding children through today’s media landscape.

My Kid Swallowed a Foreign Object. Now What?

Every year in the U.S., more than 80,000 kids swallow foreign objects — and some of them can be dangerous. Learn what to do when it happens.

How Can You Tell If It's Appendicitis?

A kid's stomach might hurt for many reasons, and most of them are not appendicitis. So how do you identify the real thing?

Why Pediatric Radiology Matters

CT scans increase kids' lifetime cancer risk — more so than adults. With a specialized knowledge of kids' bodies, pediatric radiologists image differently. Read how our experts promote pediatric radiology safety.

How to Get Kids to Fall (and Stay) Asleep

Our pediatric sleep specialists answer parents' questions on everything from bedtime routine to nixing nightmares, providing the insights you need so everyone can get a good night's rest.

8 Tips for Raising a Caring Child

Teaching kids to care about others is critical for social development. Our expert gives tips for parents on cultivating empathy in children at a young age.

Food Intolerance and Elimination Diet Tips for Parents

If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, they might be missing out on vital nutrients. Learn about food intolerance and elimination diets for kids.

Kids and Summer Rashes: How to Deal

Pediatric experts offer tips on common summer rashes, so parents can identify them, care for them and get kids back in the pool.

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