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Top Child Nutrition Questions from Parents

Learn about how to help your child build good nutritional habits. Read the top questions and answers from professionals regarding child nutrition.

9 Sunscreen Tips for Your Kids

Sunscreen guidelines for parents, from a dermatology expert at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Halloween Safety Tips for Families

Halloween is supposed to be a night of frights — but only the imaginary kind. To keep your kids safe on Halloween, here is a list of our top Halloween safety tips.

Glass Door Fireplace Safety

Learn how to keep your child safe around gas fireplace glass doors.

Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Christmas decorations can pose fire and poisoning hazards. Keep your holidays injury-free with these important safety tips from Children's Hospital Colorado.

The Power of Car Seats: One Family's Story

See how Children’s Hospital Colorado’s car safety seat technicians worked with a young family to ensure they had access to car seats.

What To Do With Halloween Candy

Get ideas for what to do with extra Halloween candy this year, like send it to the troops or save it for special occasions.

Sunscreen Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Read up on sun care recommendations for infants and toddlers, from the dermatology experts at Children's Hospital Colorado.

No Chimney Full of Toys? How to Handle Kids' Holiday Disappointment

We asked Dr. Dolgan, Psychologist at Children's, how to manage children's expectations during the holidays. Read what he has to say.

Taking Advantage of Quality Family Time

We asked a pediatric expert for advice on spending the right kind of time with kids. Find out how to make the most of this precious, fleeting time.

Is Your Child a Breath-Holder?

If your kid holds her breath until she passes out, you know how scary these episodes can be. Dr. Barton D. Schmitt explains this condition in more detail.

Is it More Than a Bruise?

Bruises — the skin’s reaction to minor trauma — are common in children. Learn how to tell if bruising may indicate something else in your child.

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