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Medical Marijuana

What parents need to know about the potential benefits and risks of medical marijuana for children.

Teen Romantic Relationships: Advice from a Psychologist

Knowing your teen is in a romantic relationship can be difficult. Our child psychologist helps parents understand how to navigate teen romantic relationships, as well as how to encourage communication.

The Shame Game: Is Public Shaming Effective?

Read what the experts at Children's Hospital Colorado say about public shaming, in which parents post photos or videos deriding kids’ bad behavior.

Taking Advantage of Quality Family Time

We asked a pediatric expert for advice on spending the right kind of time with kids. Find out how to make the most of this precious, fleeting time.

Is it More Than a Bruise?

Bruises — the skin’s reaction to minor trauma — are common in children. Learn how to tell if bruising may indicate something else in your child.

Teen and Pre-Teen 101

Teens and pre-teens deal with a lot, from technology and school pressures, to making friends and driving. Get expert advice from Children's Colorado.

How to Make Your Home Safe for Kids

Learn how to make your home a safe place, including where to safely store guns and prescription drugs.

Health Literacy: Are You In The Know?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by medical jargon? Read some tips for making sure you never have to leave the doctor’s office feeling confused.

The Truth About Vaccines: What Parents Need to Know

Learn about vaccines and how they work to provide the best possible protection against harmful diseases in children.

How to Create Meaningful Family Traditions

Dr. Harley Rotbart gives advice on creating memorable traditions with your family. From doggie birthday parties, to theme dinners, read what he has to say.

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning for Children

Carbon monoxide is responsible for more than 450 unintentional deaths each year. Learn how to protect your family.

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