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How to Handle School Refusal

School refusal is common, but it can be hard for parents to navigate this territory. Our child psychologists shed light on school refusal behavior — and offer tips on motivating kids to go to school.

Mental Health First Aid

Just like first aid skills like CPR, mental health first aid is a toolbox for stabilizing a crisis until professional help arrives. Learn the basics.

How Can You Tell If It's Appendicitis?

A kid's stomach might hurt for many reasons, and most of them are not appendicitis. So how do you identify the real thing?

Why Pediatric Radiology Matters

CT scans increase kids' lifetime cancer risk — more so than adults. With a specialized knowledge of kids' bodies, pediatric radiologists image differently. Read how our experts promote pediatric radiology safety.

8 Tips for Raising a Caring Child

Teaching kids to care about others is critical for social development. Our expert gives tips for parents on cultivating empathy in children at a young age.

When Teens Lie

Lying can be a frustrating experience for parents. Our experts share how to teach honesty and integrity - without a power struggle.

Should You Worry About Your Child's Perfectionism? Here's What to Look For

Children and teens might experience anxiety and depression because they feel like they have to be perfect all the time. We help parents understand when they need to be concerned.

Food Intolerance and Elimination Diet Tips for Parents

If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, they might be missing out on vital nutrients. Learn about food intolerance and elimination diets for kids.

When Is Your Child Ready to Have Their Own Cell Phone?

A kid’s first cell phone is a rite of passage as essential to the modern childhood as a driver’s license. Our psychology team provides 5 questions parents should ask before taking the plunge.

Keeping Back-to-School Asthma Under Control

Help your child manage their asthma as the new school year begins.

The Best Way to Enjoy Fourth of July Fireworks? At a Distance

Days before the Fourth of July, Hailey was about to set off a rocket with her dad. It was supposed to shoot 50 feet into the sky. But it didn’t. Find out what happened and how you can keep your kids safe during the holiday.

Playing to Win: When Youth Sports Push Too Hard

Sports are great for kids, but increased competitiveness and pressure can lead to overuse injuries and burnout.

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