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Why You Should Talk to Kids About Suicide

A child psychologist provides suggestions on how parents can talk to their kids about suicide, and why it matters.

My Kid Isn't Athletic

Dr. Emily Sweeney offers six tips for getting kids out of the house and having fun, even if they don't like traditional sports.

What Parents Need to Know About 13 Reasons Why

Our psychologists share tips on how you can use the series 13 Reasons Why to talk to your children about tough subjects like depression, suicide, rape and school shootings.

Mold in Dry Colorado?

Mold is present virtually everywhere, even in dry Colorado. Check out these nine tips for reducing mold growth in your home.

5 Nutrition Truths for Growing Athletes

The advice and products available to help fuel young athletes for sport are more abundant than ever before, and it’s getting harder to know what works.

How Deep Breathing Can Shift Your Mood

Mindful deep breathing has many benefits on your mind and body. Follow these techniques to relax and reduce stress or wake up and gain energy.

Parent Toolkit: Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

When an illness is not curable, we always hope for the best outcome, while preparing for the worst. Get tips about end-of-life care from the pediatric experts at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Parent Toolkit: Dealing With Medical Issues in Children by Ages and Stages

Learn how to help your child deal with ongoing medical issues based on his or her developmental age, from the pediatric experts at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Parent Toolkit: Keeping Up With Your Child's Medical Treatment

Get tips for keeping up with your child's medications, medical treatments and doctors’ appointments, from the pediatric experts at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Stress Management for Parents of a Child With a Chronic Illness

Having an ill child presents unique challenges, which is why experts at Children's Hospital Colorado offer tips for parents to cope and get through the tough times.

Parent Toolkit: Managing Your Child's Medical Illness at School

Kids with medical conditions may have difficulty managing their medical needs while going to school. Experts from Children's Hospital Colorado offer tips for parents and school personnel to identify concerns and provide support.

Parent Toolkit: Navigating the Medical System

When your child is sick or has a chronic illness, it can be stressful to deal with the medical system. Get tips on how to make the most of your experience at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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