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What Parents Should Know About Fevers in Kids

Fevers in kids can be alarming, but they’re not always a cause for concern. Our expert shares how fevers help fight infections, at-home remedies to ease discomfort and when to seek care. Learn what causes a fever, the benefits of a fever, when you should seek additional care and more.

Did Your Child Swallow a Foreign Object? Here’s What to Do

Every year in the U.S., more than 80,000 kids swallow foreign objects — and some of them can be dangerous. Learn what to do when it happens.

Everything you Need to Know About Pediatric Eye Care

Our experts share their guidance on regular vision screenings, eye safety and more.

How to Recognize Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders — And When to Seek Help

A new baby brings up a lot of emotions for parents, and they’re not all positive. Learn about warning signs for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and how you can get help.

Co-Sleeping, Bed-Sharing and Room-Sharing. What’s the Safest?

Is co-sleeping safe? What about bed-sharing or room-sharing? Learn about safe sleep for babies and find answers to common questions from our pediatric sleep experts.

Baby Formula Shortage: Advice from the Experts

The experts at Children’s Hospital Colorado answer questions about the baby formula shortage.

Anterior and Posterior Fontanelle Closures

Learn about anterior and posterior fontanelle closures, bulging and sunken fontanelles, and special considerations for premature babies from our experts.

Preventing Choking in Babies

Read this guide to help keep your baby safe from choking hazards.

Recognizing Childhood Illness and When to Seek Care for Babies

It’s important to know when your baby has a cold and when it may be more serious. Learn how to recognize illness in babies and when to seek care.

Safe Sleep for Babies with Medical Conditions

Learn about the extra sleep precautions parents need to take if their baby was born prematurely or has an ongoing condition that requires medical equipment.

Baby First-Aid Kit

Read this checklist so you feel prepared to care for your baby at home.

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