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Teen Suicide Prevention: Teaching Kids to Ask

Psychologist Dr. Laura Anthony wants teens to know the warning signs of suicide. And if they see those signs, she wants them to come right out and ask.

Summer Burn Safety

Summer can be lots of fun, but it also comes with a few safety risks. Learn more about summer burn safety and burn prevention to keep kids safe all summer long.

How Anesthesia Affects Developing Brains

New research shows the effects of anesthesia on developing brains might be longer-lasting - and easier to trigger - than previously thought.

When It's Time for Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery

How do you know when a child needs surgery like ear tubes or a tonsillectomy? Learn what factors ear, nose and throat specialists consider.

Virtually Endless

Virtual reality is more than fun. It also has legitimate medical purposes. Here, our Extended Reality team is exploring new applications for the technology, from creative distraction to procedure prep.

Bullying 101 and Prevention Tips

We know how hard it is to find out your child is being bullied. That’s why our pediatric psychologist is sharing bullying tips for parents, as well as what to do if your child is being cyberbullied.

How to Help Your Child Develop Social Skills

A psychologist shares what parents need to know about their kids' social skills. Find out what it takes to develop social skills in kids and how this can help them make friends and strengthen relationships.

Food Allergy Immunotherapy

Right now, there's no Food and Drug Administration-approved medical therapy to treat food allergies. Thanks to food allergy immunotherapy, or food desensitization, that's about to change.

Food Allergy 101

Does your child have food allergies? Our Food Allergy 101 provides families with food allergy resources and information they need to understand, prevent and manage their child's food allergies.

Move Past Negative Holiday Interactions with Friends and Family

See our quick tips for moving past negative interactions with family or friends this holiday season.

The Migraine Problem: New Frontiers in Headache Treatment for Kids

Migraines affect nearly 10% of kids, but it can be difficult to diagnose them properly. Learn about the difference between a migraine and a headache, as well as how our experts are diagnosing and treating migraines.

How to Manage Holiday Stress

Holidays can be a time for fun and family, but it can also be stressful. Get tips on how to manage holiday stress from the experts at Children's Hospital Colorado.

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