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Supporting Kids and Teens During the Youth Mental Health Crisis

After having their lives disrupted by uncertainty, isolation and school closures during the pandemic, kids and teens have in many ways returned to normal life. But that doesn’t mean they feel – or that life is – “normal.” Here's how you can support your child or teen during another uncertain year.

Kids, Teens and Vaping: Should Parents Be Worried?

Is vaping harmful for kids? Is it addictive? Our pediatric breathing experts share the what we know about teen vaping with tips for parents who are concerned about the trend and vaping’s effects on kids. Learn the latest.

Talking to Kids About Race and Privilege

Research shows that kids learn to racially discriminate from as young as 6 months old — so it’s up to parents to teach inclusivity. Here’s how.

Pandemic Teen Mental Health

Teens from our Mental Health Youth Action Board provide advice on how to help teens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Teen Brain (Yes, It's in There)

Cognitive control supports the ability to put aside short-term gratification in pursuit of a goal. It matures as we age. But in adolescence, our reward centers mature much faster.

Bullying 101 and Prevention Tips

We know how hard it is to find out your child is being bullied. That’s why our pediatric psychologist is sharing bullying tips for parents, as well as what to do if your child is being cyberbullied.

How to Help Your Child Develop Social Skills

A psychologist shares what parents need to know about their kids' social skills. Find out what it takes to develop social skills in kids and how this can help them make friends and strengthen relationships.

The Consent Conversation: What Is Consent, and How Do You Discuss It with Kids?

In the #MeToo era, teaching kids and teens about consent — what consent means, who can give it, when they can give it and when they know if they have it — is more important than ever. Our pediatric experts offer advice on how to start the conversation.

"Am I normal?" Common Questions from Teens (and How to Answer Them)

The questions teens ask during appointments with adolescent medicine expert Dr. Amy Sass are wide-ranging and hard to answer: Is my body normal? Should I have sex? Here, she shares the questions she gets from teens — and the answers that motivate them.

Parental Discretion Advised: Children and Media

It's hard to decide if your child is ready for action movies, social media, explicit songs — and even harder to keep up with parental controls and new technology. Our experts share insights on guiding children through today’s media landscape.

8 Tips for Raising a Caring Child

Teaching kids to care about others is critical for social development. Our expert gives tips for parents on cultivating empathy in children at a young age.

When Teens Lie

Lying can be a frustrating experience for parents. Our experts share how to teach honesty and integrity - without a power struggle.

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