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Teens and Drug Use: How to Talk About Substance Use with Your Teen

Our pediatric addiction specialists share their advice on talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol, how to address the rising dangers of fentanyl and important resources.

Kids, Teens and Vaping: Should Parents Be Worried?

Is vaping harmful for kids? Is it addictive? Our pediatric breathing experts share the what we know about teen vaping with tips for parents who are concerned about the trend and vaping’s effects on kids. Learn the latest.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Marijuana

It’s important to talk to your kids about marijuana. Here’s some advice to help get the conversation started.

Keeping Marijuana Safely at Home

If you keep marijuana in your home, it’s important to store it safely away from kids. Learn how to prevent accidental ingestion of marijuana or edibles.

The Facts About Marijuana

Our experts answer parents' questions about marijuana, how it’s used and possible side effects of the drug.

Medical Marijuana

What parents need to know about the potential benefits and risks of medical marijuana for children.

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