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Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Our cooking experts show that eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 3 tips for healthy eating on a budget.

4 Things to Know Before Giving Your Kids the Car Keys

Four tips to help you decide whether your teen is ready to drive.

Should You Connect with Your Kids on Social Media?

Should parents “like” and “friend” their children on Facebook or Snapchat? Teens, and one of our pediatric experts, weigh in.

What Is the Right Age for My Child to...?

Every child is different, yes. But here are some general guidelines parents can follow as their children get older and become more independent.

7 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Politics

Politics can be stressful for kids. Children’s Hospital Colorado has tips for parents to reduce the stress related to these conversations.

Top Five Summer Safety Risks

Our Injury Prevention Program Manager identifies a few of the major trouble spots for traumatic injuries and how to steer clear.

Dental Health

Our experts answer questions on how to keep your kids' teeth healthy. 

Tween FAQs: Common Health Questions (9 to 13 Years Old)

Tween health questions and answers from Children's Hospital Colorado

Teenager FAQs: Common Health Questions (14 to 18 Years Old)

Learn more about Teenager FAQ: Common Health Questions (14 to 18 Years Old) at

Toddler FAQs: Common Health Questions (2 to 4 Years Old)

The toddler years are an exciting time. Check out the answers to some of the top toddler health questions Children's Hospital Colorado receives.

Common Grade-Schoolers Health Questions (5 to 8 Years Old)

Children's Hospital Colorado has put together the top parents health questions and answers for children in grade school

9 Common Health Questions for Children of Any Age

Children's Hospital Colorado has put together answers to parents questions covering many topics concerning children of all ages.

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