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The Difference Between Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke

Learn about the difference between heat exhaustion and heatstroke from our specialists. Read on and find out more about heat-related illness in children.

The Hidden Danger of Humidifiers

Dry air can lead to sore throats, chafed nasal passages and dry skin, especially for little ones. "It's common in Colorado to use humidifiers," says Robin Deterding, MD, medical director of our Breathing Institute. "But people should use them cautiously."

Summer Burn Safety

Summer can be lots of fun, but it also comes with a few safety risks. Learn more about summer burn safety and burn prevention to keep kids safe all summer long.

How Anesthesia Affects Developing Brains

New research shows the effects of anesthesia on developing brains might be longer-lasting - and easier to trigger - than previously thought.

Post-Concussive Syndrome: The Big Picture Behind the Symptoms

"Post-concussive syndrome" refers to concussion symptoms that last more than a week or two. But there's often more to them than meets the eye. Learn what causes post-concussive symptoms, and why "syndrome" might be a misleading term.

Why Pediatric Radiology Matters

CT scans increase kids' lifetime cancer risk — more so than adults. With a specialized knowledge of kids' bodies, pediatric radiologists image differently. Read how our experts promote pediatric radiology safety.

The Best Way to Enjoy Fourth of July Fireworks? At a Distance

Days before the Fourth of July, Hailey was about to set off a rocket with her dad. It was supposed to shoot 50 feet into the sky. But it didn’t. Find out what happened and how you can keep your kids safe during the holiday.

How to Drive Safely when Your Kids Are Misbehaving

Check out these 10 tips on how to avoid distractions while driving with kids in your car.

4 Things to Know Before Giving Your Kids the Car Keys

Four tips to help you decide whether your teen is ready to drive.

Top Five Summer Safety Risks

Our Injury Prevention Program Manager identifies a few of the major trouble spots for traumatic injuries and how to steer clear.

Booster Seat Safety Tips

Get tips to help your child understand that a booster is comfortable, safe, and where he or she needs to be until she is at least 8 years old.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Could Prevent Half of All CO Poisoning Deaths

With the arrival of colder weather, the number of fuel-burning appliances increases. Learn how to stay safe from dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

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