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What are Germs and How Can We Prevent Them from Spreading?

Germs are the microorganisms behind many common sicknesses, like the flu. Our experts share what exactly germs are, how they spread and how to avoid them.

Back-to-School Tips for Families: How to Ease the Transition and Ace the School Year

It’s time for back to school! Our expert shares tips for helping your kids with the transition, encouraging friendship, addressing bullying and more.

Advocating for Your Child’s Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Tips from pediatric experts on how to advocate for your child in medical settings, the classroom, politics and more.

How to Help Kids Stress Less

Everyone gets stressed. It’s a part of life. Get advice from our child psychologists on how kids can learn to identify stress and move through it with grace.

Social Media Safety: Kids and Teens Weigh In

These social media safety tips for parents include real insights from teens, plus suggestions from experts at Children's Colorado.

Bullying 101 and Prevention Tips

We know how hard it is to find out your child is being bullied. That’s why our pediatric psychologist is sharing bullying tips for parents, as well as what to do if your child is being cyberbullied.

How to Handle School Refusal

School refusal is common, but it can be hard for parents to navigate this territory. Our child psychologists shed light on school refusal behavior — and offer tips on motivating kids to go to school.

Should You Worry About Your Child's Perfectionism? Here's What to Look For

Children and teens might experience anxiety and depression because they feel like they have to be perfect all the time. We help parents understand when they need to be concerned.

Keeping Back-to-School Asthma Under Control

Help your child manage their asthma as the new school year begins.

Parent Toolkit: Managing Your Child's Medical Illness at School

Kids with medical conditions may have difficulty managing their medical needs while going to school. Experts from Children's Hospital Colorado offer tips for parents and school personnel to identify concerns and provide support.

Healthy School Lunches

Looking for lunch ideas for your young athlete? Check out these healthy ideas from a clinical nutritionist at Children's Hospital Colorado.

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