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Advocating for Your Child

A girl with long brown hair and wearing a black v-neck blouse smiles so you can see her braces.

What does it mean to advocate for your child? It means to speak, plead or argue in favor of and to support them. Kids’ voices aren’t always heard, and sometimes they need our help to speak up for them.

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, we ask parents to speak up. Parents know their children best, and we consider patients and families critical members of our care team. Parents can advocate and speak up for their children in many areas of life, including school, in politics, in healthcare and with other parents and kids.

Parents have many questions about how to best support their kids, and our pediatric experts have the answers.

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See other ways Children’s Colorado advocates to improve the health and safety of kids and our health and wellness resources, as well as safety and injury prevention resources.

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