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Mountain Safety: How to Be Safe on the Ski/Snowboard Slopes

To stay safe while skiing, a little preparation and knowledge can help prevent accidents and injuries.

Before you hit the slopes:

  1. Make sure you have the right equipment. This includes a well-fitting helmet, bindings that are adjusted by a professional to your weight and skiing ability and clothing in layers that can be shed or added as needed.
  2. Get to know the mountain before you go and choose terrain that is appropriate for everyone in your group. Attempting a run that is too challenging can be scary, dangerous and can ruin a ski day.
  3. Plan a meeting place in case your group becomes separated.
  4. Plan to take breaks throughout the day to allow your body to rest and to get enough food and water.

While you are on the slopes:

  1. Take a few warm-up runs on gentle terrain before moving to steeper slopes.
  2. Always look up the hill before you start skiing.
  3. Don’t stop in areas where you can’t be seen from above.
  4. Be aware of areas were skiers funnel into a narrow area and where skiers are slowing down.
  5. Stay off closed runs and out-of-bounds areas.
  6. Remember to take breaks for sunscreen, food and water.

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