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First-Aid Kit 101: What All Coaches Need to Know

A first-aid kit is an essential pack of supplies to ensure athletes are safe and prepared.

A first-aid kit is a necessity to help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies while coaching. Commercial kits generally don’t cover the specific needs of athletes and are typically more expensive than custom-made kits. The contents can vary, but we have some basic guidelines for building your first-aid kit.

We caught up with our expert Dennis Coonan, athletic trainer and Program Manager of our Sports Medicine Center, to learn more about what items best help keep adolescent athletes safe.

"Being prepared with a stocked medical kit can certainly have you ready for many minor first aid situations that may come up,” says Coonan. “Being ready to take care of these situations can help prevent further injury or infection. Check the inventory periodically to ensure you have all the items you may need!"

How to assemble your team’s first-aid kit

The first consideration is what you put your sports first-aid kit in. Medical bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The main consideration should be that the bag is lightweight, portable and durable. A backpack may be a good choice for those who often travel with their teams. Within the bag, transparent plastic containers or bags help keep the bag organized and the items easily identifiable.

Sports first-aid kit essentials

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