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Weight Training and Kids: When, Where and How Is It Safe to Start?

a photo of a large weight for weight training.

Weight training has become an integral part of an athlete’s preparation for competition, but the dilemma of when, where and how is a common question faced by both parents and young athletes.

We know that the amount of information/misinformation on the topic can be overwhelming. Our Sports Medicine Center experts have provided weight training tips for kids to help simplify things.

When should kids start weight training?

  • It is never too early to start to learn fundamental movement skills.
  • Movement skills should be progressive and kids should not progress to quickly.
  • Apply simple progressive principles:
    • Simple to complex movements
    • Slow movements to fast movements
    • Static to dynamic
    • Double leg activities to single leg activities
    • Unloaded movements (bodyweight) to loaded movements such as planks, pushups, pullups, squats and lunges are great bodyweight movements
  • Fundamental weight training movements and balance/stability training should begin prior to beginning sport participation because sports involve many complex movements.
  • Principles of Long-Term Athletic Development are helpful for parents and coaches to understand.

Where and how should kids begin weight training?

  • A program or facility with trained professionals and coaches.
  • Programs that involve injury risk reduction principles.
  • High school summer programs that younger athletes can begin participating in prior to beginning high school.
  • Initial fundamental movement training does not require a weight room and can be incorporated into practices of the sport that the child is participating in.
  • Initial emphasis with young children should be on proper execution of movements and not on competition and amount of weight lifted.

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